Lydia Loveless performs “Everything’s Gone” from the album “Somewhere Else” live in Studio 360. Listen to more songs and an interview:



This classic double jigger features 1 oz. over 1 ½ oz. measures, and is turned from solid stainless steel. Its impressive heft is balanced by harmonious proportions, and offers a precise tool for measuring your favorite cocktail recipes. We’ve engraved the lip of the upper and lower measures with traditional toasts from around the world.



A massive tree felled on a family farm in Culpeper, Virginia, provided an enormous slab of black walnut that inspired us to create this piece. Crafted from a single 12-foot slab of American hardwood, this table presents a unique opportunity to experience a live-edge table of this size. 

The complexity of the wood’s grain and the irregularity of the live-edge truly make this a one-of-a-kind object. Our Coventry base in solid cast bronze provides an elegantly austere counterpoint to the rich irregularity of the top.

Spec table – ready for delivery

Dimensions: 30” H x 32-42” D x 134” W

Materials: Walnut top with cast bronze bases.

Our creative director is having a midlife crisis. He has taken to wearing white jeans and alludes to a fictional past of dissolution and substance abuse, as if we don’t all know he creates ads with talking babies.
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